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About Us

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Our Story

The story takes us back to 2016, when Jorge and Maria, the creators of Piacere Pizza, crossed paths in Caracas, Venezuela. Two years later, they made the bold decision to leave their homeland behind and embark on a fresh start in the United States. It was during Jorge's early days as a pizza assistant in a local pizzeria that his deep passion for crafting delicious pizzas began to emerge. Each day, he dedicated himself to mastering the art, slowly transforming from an assistant to a skilled pizzaiolo.

Motivated by their aspiration to improve and create a sustainable future, they formulated a unique recipe for artisanal pizzas. To make their dream a reality, they took the plunge and invested in a small food truck as their starting point to share their recipe with the world, hoping that many of you would have the opportunity to taste it.

Piacere Pizza's story is a testament to love and perseverance, and today with three working locations, Piacere  Pizza has grown to be a business that shares its love for pizza, with great quality products and delicious and varied dishes.

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Where to find us

Wynwood158 NE 27th St, Miami,

FL 33137

Phone: +1 786 597 8763

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